The Case of Aryan and Patrick Hoenicke

Aryan (2 years) is a German and Indian citizen. He was born in Dubai and has both the German and Indian passport. Aryan‘s mother removed him from the matrimonial home in March 2018 and blocks any kind of contact between the child and his father since November 2018.

In December 2018, a petition to allow visitation for the father, was rejected by the Dubai courts. In February 2019,  a grievance case finally lead to a visitation order of 2 hours per week, valid for a four weeks period only.  As ordered by the court, the four visits  took place every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm in a play area in the mother‘s residential building in Dubai.

Despite the still valid marriage between his parents, Aryan‘s right of continious contact to both parents and his need to create strong bonds with both of them, is not respected.

As an example, Aryan‘s mother frequently travels for days outside the country due her job as a cabin crew member, and Aryan is being looked after usually only by a nanny, sometimes for several days in a row. In the above mentioned petition for visitation, the court equally rejected the request, that Aryan and the nanny should temporarily come back to the matrimonial home during the timings that the mother is travelling  outside the country.