One page article in major German newspaper about the effects of Sharia law on expats

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March 27 2019: Sueddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers (wikipedia link) published a large article. The article describes the effects, which Sharia law decisions can have on families of divorce in Dubai. The article is protected by a paywall and copyright. Thus we can only post the link and a disguised picture of the article:

Link to SZ article

SZ Article nonreadable 27 March 2019

You can read the article (in German only) either for Euro 1.99 or for free (trial subscription). However, here is a brief summary:

  • Journalist Dunja Ramadan spent several days in Dubai, interacting with various fathers embroiled in custody proceedings. She visited the court, reached out to lawyers and spoke to at least one counter-party in such proceedings
  • The article contains also observations at the Child Protection Center. These indicate that not only expats suffer from the absence of shared custody. Mothers seem to be favored and often in absolute control of the children
  • As per the sources of the article, there is some hope. Recently the Dubai Courts have applied Spanish law to a custody case and decided on shared custody. It remains to be seen if, when and how the judgement will be executed, but other families may benefit from this precedent
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